Announcing the 2nd edition of the TYCHOS book!

Dear TYCHOS forum members and readers,

This is to announce that the ‘launch countdown’ for the printed release of the 2nd Edition of my TYCHOS book has commenced… If all goes according to plan, gorgeous hard back copies of the book should be available in early December - in time for everyone’s Christmas shopping sprees! :slight_smile:

At the time of writing, the very last touches and refinements to what I consider to be my lifetime’s ‘magnum opus’ are being completed in Brazil, Sweden and Italy (namely by Jesper Sampaio, Per Berglund and yours truly). The three of us have been working at it since early 2023 - and virtually around the clock during the last few months, united by our common objective to present and illustrate the TYCHOS model to the public in the clearest possible manner. In any event, the reading experience of the hard copy version of the book - what with its most elegant design and layout (by Per) and expert English proofreading & revisions (by Jesper) - should be a far cry from that of the current, rather messy online version of ‘the same’.

I must frankly state my heartfelt hope that many of you will not only purchase the book - but also help me promoting it through your own channels, friends and families. As I like to say, the TYCHOS won’t go away. :slight_smile:


Such great news! It’ll most likely top all of the Christmas gifts I’ve ever received. :partying_face:


I got your first edition and I’m going to support you again. Usually point people towards on related topic on internet and I hope you all get some recognition.

But in This day and age I often wonder if it is possible that people makeing decisions about space missions around the world and so forth really don’t know…or is real technology and science kept in the shadows for a reason? Much speaks to the fact that even though you proved your model to be accurate it seems like it is in the interest of those in power to keep everything as it is.

The “people” who knows are not interested in sharing anything.
So there needs to be a breakthrough in consciousness before we get a breakthrough in physics or astronomy.


Oh wow, it’s happening! So amazing. Great and historical work Simon and your book team.


Simon, I am also very excited to get the 2nd edition of the TYCHOS book. I know a lot of care and thought is going into it. I am so thankful for the effort. I will also be getting extra copies for some of my skeptical friends. :wink:

i would love a signed copy also!!!


Count me in…! Any signed copies…?


Oh, you make me blush, dear Peaker :blush: … Well, since I’ll certainly be ordering a stock of copies for my own use, I guess I could mail you a signed copy - or else come and visit you in Australia ! :wink:


Count me in as well!
I love to have a written copy of your incredible work you did! I A signed copy would be great! :slight_smile:

Although I am not active in the posts dropped here, I am enjoying to read the interesting questions and replies with great persistency which is shown.

Keep up the good work!


Thank you Simon, this is a most wonderful update and a “stellar” way to end the year :slight_smile:

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