Eclipse Predictions

I found this interesting that in 2017 there was no mention of a 2023 eclipse over the US. Is this as clear of an error in the prevailing model as it seems to me? When did astronomers first identify that a 2023 eclipse would occur, or did they predict it but had it’s path wrongly charted outside of the US?

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Not sure what to make of your question since there’s no conflict between the standard (heliocentric) model and the TYCHOS as far as solar or lunar eclipses are concerned. Both models predict their past and future occurences very well (see the below link to the handy “Time & Date” website which regularly tracks all such events).

Btw, if you happen to be located in the western USA you should be able to enjoy an annular eclipse of the Sun tomorrow, October 14 at around 10AM Pacific Daylight Time! The below screenshot is from the Tychosium simulator which neatly predicts tomorrow’s event :


Source of map at left of above screenshot: Solar Eclipse 2023 — Annular Eclipse, October 14

Thanks Simon, I just remember old reports like the one I attached discussing the 2 eclipses crossing in the US heartland, omitting mention of tomorrow’s eclipse. But it sounds like it was probably just some oddity about how it was being discussed in media at the time and not a failure of the heliocentric model, which I thought could be the case. Thanks for clarifying!

And looks like rain and clouds tomorrow here in the midwest, so we’ll need a bit of luck to glimpse a bitten apple. Appreciate your work!

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