General rules for joining this forum

Hello, dear prospective members and contributors to this forum.

You are of course all very welcome to register and to follow this forum’s discussions.

However, if you are to submit questions and open new threads, you are required to have read the 32 Chapters of my book, “The TYCHOS - Our Geoaxial Binary System”(2022) which is freely available here:

I have spent the last decade of my life researching the TYCHOS - and the least I could ask is for those interested to spend a few days reading the book from start to finish.

This forum is not interested in having as many members as possible joining in - and merely submitting brief, handwaving questions such as: “what is the best evidence that the TYCHOS provides to refute the heliocentric model?”

Also, I will kindly ask everyone to stay on topic - i.e. the TYCHOS model (and topics related to astronomy & cosmology ONLY). This is not a forum for general discussions of all kinds - nor a “General Information Bureau” for astronomical matters.

Thanks for your kind comprehension.

Simon Shack

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To all aspiring members of this forum, please read my above post before registering.

Thank you!