How close does Sirius get?

I was watching this lecture on the Dogon by Robert Temple and it occurred to me that at some point in the 811000 year cycle, the Sun and Sirius are very close to one another. I wondered how close. Would Sirius look like another Sun? Could the Dogon (or anyone on earth) have seen with their naked eye A,B and C?

Side note, this poor guy was hounded by the CIA for his work on this book which I found bizarre, but then I went down a couple of rabbit holes on this forum and realized that there is a bit of a Copernicus conspiracy, along with Sirius and religion that I suspected but may have underestimated. :exploding_head:

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Dear Starla, here’s a passage from page 54 of my TYCHOS book ( Chapter 6 ) :

It may even shed some light on how the Dogon people knew about the existence of the tiny Sirius B, the invisible ‘Sirius C’ and its moon. As shown in Fig. 6.12, the Sirius system would periodically pass much closer to Earth than it is today (i.e., whenever our two binary systems would transit at periastron), thus plausibly allowing its components to be seen with the naked eye.

Fig. 6:12

This is of course mere speculation on my part - and thus I wouldn’t venture to ‘guesstimate’ at what distance Sirius would be as it transits closest to our system. However, it would certainly help explain why the Egyptian astronomers (whose knowledge, according to Robert Temple, was passed on to the Dogon tribe) knew about the existence of Sirius B, Sirius C - and even that small moon (“Nyan Tolo”) apparently revolving around Sirius C. In any event - and as I see it - this whole affair is so deeply mysterious (and, to this day, so totally lacking any rational explanation) that we should all be legitimately entitled to hypothesize about it.

In Chapter 20 of my book (“The 811000-year Mega Cycle”) I further conjecture about how Sirius - our likely “double-double” binary companion - may possibly revolve around our system. Note that it is ‘officially’ expected that Sirius will become our South Pole star in approximately 60000 years from now.

“In about 60,000 years when Sirius will reach its closest location to the Sun on its celestial path, the apparent amplitude of the parallax will be the largest”.
Source: “Sirius Matters” - by Noah Brosch Sirius Matters - Noah Brosch - Google Libri

Hence, my working hypothesis goes as follows:

In the Tychosium simulator, I have noticed that ALL of the bodies comprised in our Solar System return to the same celestial location every 811000 years. This is just about 32 x 25344 years (i.e. the “Tychos Great Year”, during which the Earth completes one of its PVP orbits). Hence, 1/16th of the 811000-year Mega Cycle amounts to 50688 years. In my below graphic, I show how Sirius would thus transit closest to us in about 50688 years from now:

It is important to realize that, in my hypothesis, the 811000-year Mega Cycle does not necessarily imply that we will transit closest to Sirius only every 405500 years (i.e. half a Mega Cycle) - as one might imagine that double-double binary systems work. In order to visualize the rather complex, mutual gyrational geometry involved, I have made the below animation showing how all this would ‘play out’.

ANIMATION of Sirius/Solar System revolution in 16 steps of 50688 years

Again, this is just my current working hypothesis - but in the absence of any rational theories to elucidate the inexplicable “Sirius Mystery” (as investigated in Robert Temple’s hugely popular best-seller), I will be hoping that it will at least be given a fair chance of appraisal on the part of the world’s scientific / astronomical community. :slight_smile:

Of course, I would much appreciate if any forum members might consider contacting Robert Temple and submit to him this working theory of mine (I just find it a bit awkward / inappropriate to do so myself…)

Simon, Thank you for your in depth reply. You are a true teacher. I read the whole book and reached the chapter on the 811000 year proposed cycle and forgot that you mentioned the Dogon earlier. The book needs to be read re-read and studied, it is so dense with information! I appreciate that you so patiently repeat yourself to me/us.

I like the idea that aliens may have brought the information to the Egyptians, but I like to start with more realistic theories such as being able to see it with their/our own eyes!

I will write to Robert Temple directly and I may have someone who can nudge him to read it in the event the event that he is busy.

I noticed that he has a new book called the New Science of Heaven. It’s about Plasma and I had a sneaking suspicion that Plasma is really what some on this Forum are calling aether…. If I’m not confused, I’m wondering if anyone has read his new book @Patrik? Can you tell me how aether connects to the TYCHOS? I feel a need to start with his new book and then point him to the connection in the Sirius Mystery. (Strategy for getting his attention)

Of course I can read about aether and plasma etc, but that will take time and I’m looking for a shortcut.

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Just after I wrote the above sentence, I remembered reading somewhere that Greenland was a green land approximately 400000 years ago… Luckily, I was able to find that webpage again, here it is:

“An international team of scientists was amazed to discover that Greenland was a green land only 416,000 years ago (with an error margin of about 38,000 years). (…) The new study presents direct evidence that sediment just beneath the ice sheet was deposited by flowing water in an ice-free environment during a moderate warming period called Marine Isotope Stage 11, from 424,000 to 374,000 years ago.” Greenland Melted Recently, Shows Higher Risk of Sea Level Rise

So perhaps Sirius actually transited closer to our system about half a Mega Cycle ago after all… :slight_smile:

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No, plasma and the aether are not one in the same. Plasma, in an everyday context is what is inside a florescent light bulb. Well, there is gas inside the bulb contained within a vacuum. High voltage is applied to the gas, which ionizes it and plasma is formed, the fourth state of matter, the plasma gives off light, this is glow mode plasma. Lightning is also plasma, this is arc mode plasma.

In plasma physics, the sun is an arc mode plasma, meaning it has a very high electrical current driving it. A red dwarf star is in ‘glow mode’ and is powered by a much smaller electric current and does not shine bright like most stars. Brown dwarf stars are said to be in ‘dark mode’ plasma and are hard to detect because the current is so low that they aren’t emitting light.

Plasma can be created and used for all kinds of processes which is not disputed. Not everyone agrees about stars being plasma of course.

Aether on the other hand is deemed not to exist since Einstein’s fantasies were taken up by physics. But who are you going to believe, Maxwell or someone that claims that gravity can become so dense that it can stretch time? :rofl:

A ruler can measure length, a scale can measure weight, a thermometer can measure heat, is a clock measuring anything? No it’s just a device.

Time is a concept. Aether is probably real but time is not.

But I know you are into the esoteric and I will tell you what Blavatsky said was written in the Akashic record. There were 4 phases of matter and the 5th would soon appear, later a sixth form and there would be finally a seventh.

I considered plasma might be that fifth state if we consider the aether to be the first, because this was written right about the time of Faraday and Maxwell, et al.

:point_up_2: that is poetic!

It’s funny, everyone who I introduce the TYCHOS with is usually tripped up over gravity. I don’t know why. I don’t get it.

Thanks for the explanation on plasma vs aether. Twice when I’ve been under hypnosis I have seen lightening and at the same time lightning struck out of nowhere in reality. Maybe if I study plasma I’ll figure out what that was about… or maybe it was coincidence.

At any rate, looks like I need to learn more about both.

Hi @Simon, as mentioned in my last post, I shared the link to the chapter on the 811000 cycle in Robert Edward Grants new freedom app…. And then was sharing with another friend this morning and noticed that just that page has a 404.

Can you check it out?

Hi Starla,

The reason why you may get 404’s on some links to the Tychos book is most probably because we (Patrik and I) have rearrranged a few chapters of the book in the last few months.

For instance:

What you probably need to do is to refresh your link to the Tychos website in your browser - and everything should be ok. :slight_smile:

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