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I find this very interesting as well since I find that the theory that celestial objects move according to Newtonian celestial mechanics and that it’s an object’s mass that determines its gravity, not only lacks scientific confirmation but becomes absurd since the Sun would then have to contain 99.9 of the mass in the solar system and Sirius B would have to have a density about 400000 times that of Earth.

And the ather theory has not, despite popular opinion, been disproven. The double slit experiment still confirms it when the results is interpreted in a reasonable and not mystic way.

So what is gravity then with ubiquitous aether substance? It could simply be that the condensation of this substance in a process at the center of the Earth and the Sun creates an aether low pressure area which in turn due to the equilibrium effect causes surrounding aether to rush to that area. Gravity is then simply the result of a constant aether wind towards the center of Earth.


Dear FSM,

You should enjoy reading my very latest discoveries regarding the 405500 / and 811000 Mega Cycles - which I have now integrated in Chapter 16 of my book:.


In short :

  • In 405500 years, all our “inner” planets return to the same place - but our Moon ends up at the opposite side of the Earth.

  • In 811000 years (i.e. 405500 X 2), all our “inner” planets again return to the same place - but this time around so does our Moon! :slight_smile:

Amazing, huh?

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Yes. Luna is Queen of the orbits. Amazing.

I’ve been sleeping on this. I will make a python simulator to demonstrate how the Earth / Moon system controls the entire solar system, through the instantaneous timing of longitudinal electric waves. There will be user controls to adjust electro-gravitational mass, resonant frequency, electro-inertial mass, radiation intensity, radiant phase, and motion-related magnetic field, for all the heavenly bodies. When completed, it will be available online with a link.


There is a way.
In order for an antenna to radiate, it must resonate at radio frequency or above. Longitudinal waves at radiant frequency would not affect the motion of the source, but would affect the motion of all other charged bodies. Hence the stability of Earth as the central control mechanism. The Earth/Luna system may be a radio source of longitudinal waves.

There is an experiment that would disprove Newtonian gravity. This involves a pendulum. Various objects of different weight will alternately be attached to the bottom of the pendulum, which will be hung in a horizontally converging electric field; that is, not a uniform field, but an asymmetric field. A method of measuring the amount of acceleration of the pendulum, should show that the mass of the different objects has no effect on the amount of acceleration. This would prove that electrostatic induction in a converging electric field (such as the one we are in) behaves just like gravity. Objects of different masses fall at the same rate.

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 As of yet, however, I'm unable to figure out how the electrostatic forces of other charged planets upon Earth could be avoided. Perhaps there is an analogy to the "center of mass concept" as used in binary star orbits, but an electric version. 
How such systems evolve is another fascinating question. I will soon add magnetism to my simulation, and try some random four-body interactions, but if anybody has an idea how this might work it may help.