Is there a summary of changes b/w Volume I & Volume II?

Hello Tychos Forum,

Im planning to give my printed copy of Volume I to a friend, and I wanted to flag some of the new stuff in Volume II is this documented somewhere ? If not I’d be down to help !

Thanks ! Love the book

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Hello chocopeluche - and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I much appreciate your kind offer of help (to compile a summary of the changes between the 1st and the 2nd Edition of the TYCHOS book.). However, I believe such an effort would require a disproportionate investment of time & energy - for something that may even ultimately confuse new readers of the TYCHOS - such as your friend. Let me explain why:

The 2nd Edition contains most of all the basic research material to be found in the 1st Edition (minus a few early errors / mistakes or redundant sections). Of course, the 2nd Edition also contains another 4-5 years of research and remarkable new discoveries - yet they are all interspersed in the book’s various chapters (the sequence of which I’ve also reshuffled and improved with regards to its continuity).

In short, if “time is money” (as the say), you’ll be much better off just chilling out for now - get yourself a hardback copy of the 2nd Edition as it becomes available (early 2023), and then hand it over to your friend! :slight_smile:

Happy xmas & merry New Year!

any updates on the second edition print run ? Im looking to purchase a few for family members.


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It’s in the works and about halfway done. You can find the finished electronic version at

But I’m also longing to order the actual hardcopy and the layout, print and binding of the book will be of the highest quality this time

Verba volant, scripta manent

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Indeed, Patrik, indeed…

And as the wise old Italian adage goes:

“Chi va piano, va sano - e va lontano.” :wink:


Yes, the final stage of the work for the 2nd Edition of the TYCHOS book is proceeding at snail pace (what with my final touches and late discoveries here in Italy, Jesper’s proofreading / editing in Brazil and Per’s page layout / design & formatting in Sweden). But rest assured that it is all for the better and, as they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”… :slight_smile:

I’m extremely pleased with (& truly excited about) the way it is going and feel very lucky to be assisted by two skilled and thorough professionals such as Per and Jesper. Ok, so we missed our planned deadline for the release of the 2nd Edition (i.e. yesterday, March 21 - the 5th anniversary of the 1st Edition) but by early summer we should be done - and it should all be worth the wait.



Hi Everyone,

I have a friend who said he would only read it on his Kindle (even though I offered to buy him a first edition…) so I wrote a script to compile the “ongoing second edition” to “e-book” formats. The resulting .epub and .mobi files are accessible here - Tychosbook/epub at main · the-real-adammork/Tychosbook · GitHub .

Ill spend some time soon to improve the script, ideally adding it as a Github Action that runs automatically whenever the source files change.


That’s just fabulous, dear cocopeluche! Thanks for helping diffuse the TYCHOS around the planet :slight_smile: