Lagrange Points and JWST


Long-time lurker of your model and decided to reach out with a request for clarification.

I was having a conversation about the model with a friend. The discussion centered around whether the existence of the Lagrange Points invalidates the model.

Is it possible to add the JWST to the simulation?

Can you explain how the Lagrange Points fit within the model; or if it has any effect?

Lagrange point - Wikipedia

I was also interested in the fuel-based adjustments they are required to make to keep in place. It should be possible to extrapolate the motion in the Tychos model to understand if the mission lifetimes (and fuel supply) have any relation, or quantifiable link, to the motion of the planet along the PvP.

I appreciate your time!

Short answer: No. :roll_eyes:

That is, unless you wish us to add to the Tychosium simulator this sort of airborne telescope: A NASA telescope aboard a balloon will float over the South Pole | Space

And here’s an example of the sort of animations that ESA (the European Space Agency) is unashamedly selling to the public :

Their caption goes like this: The ESA telescope Gaia orbits around an L-point (Lagrange point). The point is exactly behind Earth, so at this point Gaia would be in Earth’s shadow and unable to receive the sunlight needed to power its solar panels. Every few years, Gaia uses its motors to adjust its position in order to maintain this orbit.

And yes, that’s supposed to be the ‘Lagrange orbit’ of ESA’s $1 billion Gaia telescope which is allegedly measuring the microscopic parallaxes of “a billion stars - with an astrometric accuracy of 0.000025 arcseconds”. (see Chapter 25 of my book) :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

I will be blunt - but wholly sincere and coherent with my own acquired convictions reached after many years of investigations into NASA and space travel in general : any believers in Santa Claus, NASA, ESA, Flat Earth, Big Foot and/or the Tooth Fairy are kindly asked to abstain from signing up to this forum. Thank you very much.

Anyhow, welcome to the forum, darkforester. Please just don’t ask me about the JWST or other cringy NASA scams.