One of many ways to get The TYCHOS model into the public arena, however controlled it may be... What are some of yours?


I love it! Where can I buy one?


Beautiful! I take it Simon is involved.

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Nope, dear Patrik! But here’s my cup of tea (courtesy of Jesper, the proofreader of the Tychos book):

Just imagine if we could market this cup globally and get it on every breakfast table of the planet. That would be some pretty effective awakening tool ! :smiley:

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@Simon Well I think @Almuric should have your permission to use the Tychos logo. It’s not trademarked or anything but any IP is protected per se if it can be shown that the owner of the intellectual property is actively defending it. So it’s up to you Simon. I would inform anyone that uses the Tychos IP in a way you disapprove of not to do so and have that documented. Just in case.

I saw for example you mentioned a YouTube video that supposedly talked about The Tychos but was Flat Earth bullshit and used your picture. You should file a formal complaint about that to YouTube in my opinion.

But I of course - and I know Simon does as well - encourage any and all diffusing of the Tychos model.

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I know a few people interested in space I’ve tried to talk with about stellar parallax, binary stars, Sirius, or some of the less arcane points in Simon’s research to gauge their level of interest. It’s an uphill battle so I try not to push anything.

Is it spiritually wise to trademark the true schematic of the solar system thru a corrupted system? In my perspective that would be a sin of biblical proportion to do so…Are any of you familiar with the Chestahedron by Frank Chester? If you investigate his work you’ll find no intellectual property claims associated with his discovery, and righteously so.

I’m out there posting links to the Tychos on PRO FLERF videos on Bitchute, good times!!! Even if it may seem helpless with these folks it’s still my duty and honor to present the true nature of our solar system to the entire world:) I love the second edition, half way thru it!!! I’ve used the 3D Tychosium to match up all the famous solar eclipses and planetary conjunctions, everything is spot on AD, and not much off (19 days) all the way back to the 3340 BC solar eclipse-

…I meant to say the article dates are off…the Tychos is absolutely unbreakable