Our cosmic clockwork and the ‘16 factor’

I’ve lately been working my way through Simon’s new edition and I would recommend watching a video he recommended in chapter 16
on the Antikythera mechanism.

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It seems to me that Chris Ramsey of Clickspring could benefit by a detailed knowledge of the Tychos.


My humble little contribution to Chris Ramsay’s fantastic work corroborates his discovery regarding the 354 holes. I just selected a 59-hole section of the Antikythera’s largest and all-important “Fragment C” - and then ‘stitched together’ (in my image editing program) 6 copies of the same into a 360° ring featuring (59X6) 354 holes:

From Chapter 16 of my Tychos book.

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Twice now I have heard him refer to something as “a fortunate cosmic coincidence”! Pretty soon there’s enough ‘coincidences’ to start believing there just might be some kind of rhyme or reason to this cosmic dance…