Our system’s ‘central driveshaft’: the moon

The 29.22 day True Mean Synodic Period, which is so thoroughly elaborated on in Chapter 13, it is baffling why anyone who has read it would wonder why it isn’t 29.53, but let’s cut to the chase:

(long) 29:530 + (short) 28:915 / 2 = 29.22

29.22, is fascinatingly derived by the Aztecs, as Simon’s quote from the Bundy paper lays out and that everyone should read for themselves especially if Venus holds great interest to you. (btw Venus is going away right now as early risers may be observing)

I did not see it in the book, though I might have overlooked it, but just for fun I thought I would do some maths:

365.25 x 25,344 = 9,256,896 days in TGY

9,256,896 / 29.22 = 316,800 TMSP in one TGY!

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Dear schoepffer,

You may find the number 316800 in the table at the top of page 119 in the Tychos book (or PDF):

“Number of TMSPs in 1 TGY of 9 256 896 days = 316800” :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, in the first page of Chapter 4 (page 27), I just noticed that it is misprinted (typo!) as “306800”. :frowning:

However, in the original graphic I made back in 2018 (still to be found in the online version of the book), it appears correctly as “316800”:


Yes it is certainly there! and there’s more…

The Moon also has a little-known 8-year cycle as it very nearly realigns with the Sun every 2922 ±1.5 days.
This number corresponds to 100 revolutions of 29.22 days (2922 days, or 8 solar years). Notably, the Moon’s 8-year cycle mirrors Venus’ 8-year cycle of 2922 days (5 synodic periods of 584.4 days). p.111

We encounter the 3168 number once again if we divide the TGY day count by Venus’ 8 yr cycle, clearly …

9 256 896 / 2922 = 3168

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