Pierre Robitaille - Liquid Metallic Hydrogen Sun

So, I’ve been following Pierre Robitaille/Sky Scholar on Youtube for years. He has presented his idea that the sun cannot be a gas, and instead should/must have a solid surface. Forgive me if this is old news or if I hack this up, but my best understanding of his core argument, is the spectrographic light curve arriving from the sun has a near perfect Black Body Spectrum(BBS). However, if the sun is a burning gas, we should expect to see narrow spectrographic absorption/emmision bands associated with the different gases present (i.e. Colored Light). In experiments on earth we need a physical Black Body material such as graphite to achieve a BBS, which Pierre personally applied his knowledge of to revolutionize MRI imaging. He goes on to propose Liquid Metallic Hydrogen(LMH) as the theoretical material that could serve as the Sun’s Black Body surface…with the known prevalence of Hydrogen and, in liquid metallic form, would create a molecular hexagonal lattice like our best known Black Body emitters.

I bring this here as I have bought into his idea, and if accurate, could have implications when considering the mass of the Sun in our mental modelling of the Solar System. Pierre goes far deeper into applied physics in astronomy and debunks Black Hole “science”, much of it way over my head…but the argument above, if not just plain interesting, is well sourced and worth a look if it’s a new topic here.