Plasma moon, plasma psy op

For anyone interested in plasma cosmology/electric universe theory, I came across this strange and thought-provoking video.

It was posted 4 years ago, and, while it doesn’t seem fake or ai-generated, the identity of the scientist “R Foster” is somewhat of a mystery. Assuming he was a real person, his main claim is that travel to the moon would be impossible because the moon is made of plasma. There’s also an article addressing the same video:

“R Foster” believes gravitation to be false. I have to wonder whether this broadcast was a ‘controlled opposition’ message to cast doubt on the space race and to reveal the truth (method) of deception about the space race/modern physics.

All perspectives lead straight to the problem of knowledge. If we haven’t truly set foot on the moon, but only photographed it, how do we know what material it’s made out of? This somewhat ties back into the “stellar metamorphosis” theory. How could we possibly know what the moon, stars, or other planets are composed of? And, knowing their composition seems to tie directly into a theory of causation which also ties directly into cosmology, whether it be (flerf), geocentricsm, heliocentrism, or Tychos.

Once again have to wonder whether this was a genuine, albeit, unknown scientist, an agent, or both, and whether he retired or conveniently disappeared.

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