Plasmoid technology and how it may relate

Well here is some interesting stuff. It will be interesting to see how this affects all sorts of things with the tychos and beyond.
I am adding this on 27/12/22
Not that i believe this new plasmoid model. But.
I have personally asked Randal C to look at the TYCHOS and, so have other people i know. I am not sure if he ever looked at it… anyway, “Sacred Geometry” number for the great year in this is 25920.
so i just find it interesting trying to compare the two. How resonance is big in both models.

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A conversation on Plasmoid Unification with Malcom Bendall
(as was mentioned on #joerogan ep#1897)

Here’s more information On the plasmoid technology that I mentioned earlier.

Just in case you want to look into it. And you should.

In section-2 Bendall discusses the orbits of the planets and the moon’s importance as a time keeping device.

We know there are number sequences preserved in history and based on geometry and nature. Often referred to as sacred geometry and derived from squaring a circle, like the Fibonacci series for example.
I don’ t understand the numbers well enough to figure out the correlations between the “Sacred Geometry” numbers and the Tychos. So I am wondering if anyone has given this any thought.
Here are some questions I have related to this topic.
Is it possible to find the Tychos numbers in the sacred numbers? or vice-versa.
Is there a relationship between 25920yrs or 25344yrs, a difference of 576 years, for the Great Year?
Is this difference caused by not knowing that the earth has its own orbit?

There isn’t really any firm consensus as to the exact duration of the so-called “Great Year”. Astronomy literature will often cite the “25920” value derived from Hipparchus’ pretty good reckoning of a precession rate of 1° every 72 years (72 X 360 = 25920). Modern estimates however oscillate around 25771 years - which is about 1.68% more than the TYCHOS figure of 25344 years - for a full, 360° ‘equinoctial precession’. The reason for this 1.68% discrepancy is expounded and illustrated in Chapter 12 of my book. And yes, it is directly caused - as you put it - “by not knowing that the Earth has its own orbit.” :slight_smile:

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