Question regarding the Great Attractor which is in in the "Zone of Avoidance"

I Just I came across an articular about the Great Attractor, an intergalactic point of huge mass, that no one can actually see, that everything supposedly moves towards. That started me wondering it this too could be an artifact or illusion caused by our PVP orbit, even though it is way beyond our solar system. Any ideas about it?

Dear MUU,

Please know that, apparently, what astronomers have been calling the “Great Attractor” has now been ‘superseded’ by something they are now calling the Shapley Supercluster. From Wikipedia:

“The Shapley Supercluster lies very close to the direction in which the Local Group of galaxies (including our galaxy) is moving with respect to the cosmic microwave background (CMB) frame of reference. This has led many to speculate that the Shapley Supercluster may indeed be one of the major causes of our galaxy’s peculiar motion - the Great Attractor may be another - and has led to a surge of interest in this supercluster. It has been found that the Great Attractor and all the galaxies in our region of the universe (including our galaxy, the Milky Way) are moving toward the Shapley Supercluster.”

Well, here’s how this “Shapley Supercluster” looks like:

As you can see - and once again - this looks very much like another binary system composed by one large star and a smaller one (surrounded by a bunch of planets and moons).

Now, here’s the thing: since our modern-day astronomers are still ‘out at sea’ regarding the very configuration, size and relative motions of our own little solar system (and thus, of our universe as a whole), it is rather pointless - in my honest opinion - to discuss any of their envisioned, long-term motions at ‘galactic scales’.

Let’s not discuss it then. :wink:
thanks for the answer.