Real value of pi

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Seems you are down to the parts per thousand already and the fine structure constant so maybe the correct value of pi can take us even further. According to the link below pi = 3.14460 and not 3.14159 ie 0.1 % bigger than the conventional value.

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I’ve just read that article you linked to which, basically, argues and concludes that the value of Pi is about 0.1% larger than currently accepted (i.e. 3.1446 rather than 3.14159).

So I decided to have some Sunday fun with the circumferences of the Sun’s orbit and the Earth’s PVP orbit (as determined in my TYCHOS model):

Circumference of the Sun’s orbit (in the TYCHOS): 939 943 910km

Circumference of the Earth’s PVP orbit (in the TYCHOS): 355 724 597km

Firstly, I divided the Sun’s orbital circumference with the famous Golden Ratio φ of 1.618033988749:

939 943 910 / 1.618033988749 ≈ 580 917 284

I then divided again that ‘meaningless’ figure by Earth’s orbital circumference and thus obtained :

580 917 284 / 355 724 597 = 1.63305346

We see that 1.63305346 is approximately 0.9% larger than the famous Golden Ratio φ of 1.618033988749.

In other words, we may put it like this:

355 724 597km X 1.63305346 X 1.618033988749 ≈ 939 943 910km (i.e. the Sun’s orbital circumference)

Oh well…As I said, I just had some fun with these numbers – and am certainly not claiming any sort of world-shaking discovery (nor to have confirmed that the true value of Pi is larger than believed…). Nonetheless, I found it curious enough to ‘throw it out there’ - what do you think? :slight_smile:

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the gut feeling is that youre definitively on to something from the getgo
The discussion of real value of pi is not new but obviously suppressed. The article is tideous but meticulous … the geometry that will convince you is the figures, linked at the end. Its straight forward college math. My problem was coming to terms with the standard sequence derivation of pi, the area under the curve left over by the triangle etc However I quit physics early and had a carreer in engineering. Math beyond basics to describe fundamental phenomena always seemed somewhat fishy, like Hilbert quantum tricks and nonphysical solutions in numerical methods… there are those who have traced pure maths to the occult, the bloodlines etc… Im sure there are well kept secrets for antigravity linked to the particle mess and magnetism, scalar waves

0.1% is a lot and obviously precision machinery experts etc must be aware of the discrepancy.
Ive been thinking whether the wrong value contributes to blur phenomena like deviations from the speed of light (OPERA neutrinos), ether drag (absorption of gravitons ie momentum and energy by inertial massive objects ) Look up Geoff Sharp and Carl Schmidts theory of climate change via the SS barycenter … what is the influence of pi being one thousand higher in value in understanding everything from fractal biology growth to galaxy ether distributions ? Carl Smith Provides the Rosetta Stone of Solar Science? | Planetary Theory Moves to the Next Level
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Hello Simon!

Im not sure if you have time for this but here is another well produced website with observations regarding Pi = 4/square root of the Golden Ratio.
And I think this have implications on your work as already addressed in this forum post.

There is a interesting interview with Harry Lear on some of the aspects regarding the implication of the meteorite Apophis, the weight of 1 kilogram.


Practical test:

Theoretical explanation:

Interview on the subject with Harry:

Some of the problems related to this:

Thanks Mikael - I watched all of Harry’s videos, very interesting indeed. I will chew on it, for sure. :slight_smile:

I would like to add something here to discussion of Pi.

Has anyone here watched anything by Danny Wilten? He’s not producing anything of late but some years back had a large output and Facebook page. His last segment of work was on the true value of Pi and it could be of use here on this forum. I’ll cut to the chase and say that his conclusion was that Pi equalled the sqare root of 800/81.

Interesting do you have any website where we could look at Danny Wiltens work?
Did a quick google search on him and only found a lot of second hand information on his name.

When i searched I found three other interesting videos on PI

Danny Wilten did extensive work on something he called ‘Orion in the Vatican’ which is available on YT. He covered quite a bit of ground and his last visible effort was on Pi. I followed along at the time closely and thought that he deserved more attention. I don’t know where to look now if he doesn’t still have a presence on Facebook.

I’ll look at the series you have linked to.

PS. I have just started up the first of the three videos you listed here. That is Wilten’s voice I’m hearing.

I should have put my post-script into a new reply as it may go unread.

That is Danny Wilton’s work you have linked to there in those three YT videos. He. came up with some good approaches to and they were all interesting but he is nowhere to be found the past several years.

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Great i will continue to look into his work. Was interesting. Thanks for the hint.

Hello all, please also check out Jain108 ( and on youtube PHI PI as the TRUE VALUE OF PI = 3 144 True Value Of Pi. [Sacred Geometry] - YouTube)

I myself am a dabbler in many areas of interest to myself, and I was drawing and sketching one day with compass protractor pencil in hand and found I could divide a circle exactly into four parts but how would that be possible if pi is truly not representable as a fraction i pondered this for a while and realised that yes indeed you could represent pi as 4 multiplied by some other number this other number happens to be one over the square root of phi