Simon's Magnum Opus!

Take a bow Simon! Wow!

The scope of your book is indescribable! The chapter on Halley’s is worth the price alone and could easily be turned into an entire book in and of itself. And even has a reference to Jack Butler no less! (Any guitar players in the house?) All kidding aside, the book is marvelous Simon. Congratulations!


Thank you so much for your kind words, dear schoepffer - they are of course warmly appreciated. :slight_smile:
And yes, as I’ve probably stated on other occasions, the chapter 30 on Halley’s comet is truly the final nail in the coffin of the Copernican model. I dare say that one cannot walk away from Chapter 30 of the TYCHOS book without realizing and acknowledging that the Tychos model provides the only possible, rational explanation for the passages of the famous Halley’s comet - as observed and documented throughout the centuries. I frankly cannot wait for any detractors of the TYCHOS model to try and argue that every single passage of the supposedly “unrelated / coincidental comets” (observed only one or two years before or after each of Halley’s comet’s returns) were just a matter of pure happenstance… :roll_eyes:

As I like to say, the TYCHOS is here to stay - and there’s no turning back. Alea jacta est.

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The book and 3D tychosium is awesome and will change the world!! Thats IF people can stop sniffing their own farts.