Star distances in the Tychos

Here is a french man.

I’d turned my eyes toward plasma cosmology long time ago, with the work of Antony Peratt with the Plasma Universe.

But I’m following Miles Mathis too :

I think a synthesis have to be done with the Tychos, Miles Mathis and Peratt.

And we will have a god idea of our universe.

I have a question concerning the distances of the stars with the 42633 Tychos reduction factor.

If stars are so close to earth, don’t the nearest stars on the ecliptic plane of the solar system to be INSIDE the solar system ?

This is the only potential bias I found of this amazing work you did !

If certains stars are so close, don’t we have to see some of them transiting between Earth and Uranus, Neptune or Pluton ?

Thank you in advance fo answer

Welcome Tof,
Thanks for posting the link to Mathis. Many have realized there is a problem with “Physics” when looking at the solar system. I think that the TYCHOS could solve many of the problems that have been baffling astronomers for years.

Bonsoir cher ami - et bienvenu

I will soon reply to your question in proper and exhaustive manner. For now, please know that all our nearmost stars are located on quite different planes with respect to our celestial equator. For instance, our very nearmost star, Proxima Centauri, is 62° away from it:

Thank’s MUU and I’m happy to know that Simon is safe after the comments of Anders Björkman on his website (chapter 17) last year :

I understand perfectly that in the Tychos, Proxima Century is at 6.3 UA by 62°.

So, the subject of the stars in the ecliptic plane of earth is a point I think.

Regulus is 79 LY, so 118.5 UA in the Tychos > outside the solar system.

I did not found a star inside the orbit of Neptune on the ecliptic plane, and you ?

And Pluto and her 17° inclinaison ?

Imagine an occultation of Puto by a little brown dwarf !

Impossible ? No, if the orbit is wide !

My Point : a triple hourra ( a bad joke for the new King of the world today) for your work. I know you long time ago with your duties on 9/11.

But Holy Shit !

What a fuck THEY had mystify us with astronomy and all others subjects !

There is always somewhere on earth a little anonymous JESUIT behind THE BEST telescope or instrument in every science since 400 years.

Do you know Ben Davidson (suspiciousobservers) and the Chan Thomas theory ?

Hannes Alfven is a reference for me.

Last thing : if stars are so close, the ET subject become SCARLET !

Has the binary Sirius system a Living Earth in her cocoon ?

Did the black programs from earth succeeded in travelling to the stars ?

Haha, yes - thanks for your concern: I’m safe and i was never actually arrested (as Anders wrote). They ‘only’ seized my computer and cellphone for a month or so - and then gave them back to me with apologies… i had hosted an Italian guy (who claimed he had been evicted from his apartment) and his giirlfriend who kept bickering (and behaving in all sorts of weird ways…). Then, the girlfriend had apparently gone to the police to denounce her boyfriend of mistreatments and, all of a sudden, some 25 police and carabinieri officers (including three ‘man in black’ and a drug searching dog!) turned up in my house with a search warrant. I still don’t know what this was all about though…

No, dear Tof - so far I haven’t found any. None of our nearmost stars appear to be located on the same plane as our Solar System.

Regarding Pluto, you may not know that it has a companion (Charon) and that … “Pluto and Charon are sometimes considered a binary because the barycenter of their orbits does not lie within either body, and they are tidally locked.” Pluto - Wikipedia
I don’t know about Ben Davidson or the Chan Thomas theory but I’ll be looking it up.

Regarding the possible existence of a third body in the Sirius system (“Sirius C”), I have broached this issue in Chapter 6 of my upcoming book - check it out! It’s truly a most fascinating thought that Sirius C might be a “twin” of our Mother Earth - complete with (hopefully intelligent) lifeforms. :slight_smile: In fact, already back in 1910 - and following the discovery of the tiny Sirius B - it was believed that Sirius hosted yet another companion, as mentioned by the end of this interesting paper by Arthur K. Bartlett: “SIRIUS THE DOG-STAR”: 1910PA.....18...81B Page 86

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Thank you Simon for your answers.

It confirms your model.

We have to be sure and to test it.

Done !

So Stars are not lonely, but have partners, like us !

Ben Davidson is monitoring the pole shift on the run.

A review of his 12 years works :

Chan Thomas and the Adam & Eve Story :

A 12 000 years cycle.

Dusty plasma and energetic waves in the interstellar medium in the plasma current sheet of our galaxy > dust accumulation on the coronal sun > micro novae > unlocking of the earth’s crust > shifting of the crust toward equator > end of the world > new earth and new prehistory.

My view : I thing that the transhumanism agenda (chemtrails/vaxx covid 19 bioweapon, 5G, …) is the meaning they have choosen to control the mass before the pole shift and I’m suspecting that the AI will select via the parameters of the nanotech feedbacks the choosen who will be save.


A few sources :

A plasma researcher I appreciate :

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Enjoy Your Day or build a bunker!


On the Wikipedia, we may find this astrophotograph of these three trios of stars known as :

  • Proxima Centauri (a star trio claimed to be located at about 4.2 LY away from the Earth)
  • ALPHA CENTAURI (a star trio claimed to be located at about 4.3 LY away from the Earth)
  • BETA CENTAURI (a star trio claimed to be located at about 390 LY away from the Earth)

For the purpose of my question (and to keep it simple) I will disregard Proxima Centauri, which is the closest star of all, officially claimed to be 4.2LY away and slowly revolves, in ca. 547000 years, around its larger ‘double-double companion’ ALPHA CENTAURI. Proxima is a red dwarf surrounded by two or three smaller bodies.

Here’s what is officially claimed regarding the ALPHA CENTAURI and the BETA CENTAURI systems:

  • ALPHA CEN is a binary system composed of two main bodies of similar size of our Sun.

  • BETA CEN is a binary system composed of two main bodies, both ca. 9 x the size of our Sun.

  • Distance to ALPHA CEN : 4.3 LY (i.e. roughly 270 THOUSAND x farther away than our Sun)

  • Distance to BETA CEN : 390 LY (i.e. roughly 24 MILLION x farther away than our Sun)

Yet, it is also observed that:

So my simple question to our world’s astronomers is the following:

Does any of this make sense to you - and does the above astrophotograph appear to support those claims? Of course, I’m referring to the fact that the two seem to be of roughly the same size and brightness - in spite of their formidable (purported) relative distances also being hugely different.

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My Reduced Parsec Value (RPV) has Alpha Cent. ca. 13 AU

Beta ca. 1157 AU (still seems insane…)

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