The common thread as to why physics was turned upside down

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Most interesting. So this Harlow Shapely character really was something else, wasn’t he?

“Of the five worst enemies of mankind, the ‘genius maniac’ is the most potent killer”. Shapley then suggested that “genius could be controlled by killing off, in infancy, all primates that show any evidence of promise or genius, or even talent”.

But if what they are observing are simply binary stars then Leavitt’s law becomes untenable and any measurement they come up with using it is bogus.

Do they have any other method that is more tenable to enable them to arrive at their astronomical figures?

A quick query gives me the colour/magnitude method but even without analysing it something tells me it will be another pile of horse manure.

Because if not surely we really have no idea how far away these objects are?

By the way, about a fifth of the way down the page, this link is broken
“Kapteyn and Statistical Astronomy” - by Erich Robert Paul (1985)
but the document can be downloaded here

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Yes it’s all coming back to me now. So the colour/magnitude method relies on the belief that stars are fusing lighter elements into heavier elements and there is a relationship between the colour of the star and absolute luminosity. I have to say I don’t believe that stars are using fusion to generate energy so this would also invalidate this option in my mind. Other than this what other options are there? Or am I missing the bigger picture here?

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This paper by my good friend Gopi Krishna Vijaya is simply a must read. Enjoy!

Replacing the Foundations of Astronomy - by Gopi Krishna Vijaya (2017)

Gopi’s website (featuring all of his brilliant papers) :

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Thanks for posting this, I gave it a quick read just now and will return to it for a closer look.

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Johannes Schlaf is a bit of an enigma. Maybe there is more on him in your Second Edition(which just arrived now and looks first class) so I’ll bring him up when I complete it.