The first TYCHOS "de-boonking" video has arrived

Hi Chris,
It’s just the start of it. I’ve been spending hours on investigating Kepler and Brahe. It’s quite clear to me at this stage Brahe was getting too close to the truth and his journals were becoming dangerous. I’m now convinced he was murdered. Kepler was a complete fantasist. Just read his stuff the Mysterium Cosmographicum. No wonder Galileo didn’t want anything to do with him. What baffles me is why Brahe invited him to Prague in the first place and why he didn’t get rid of him once he discovered how mentally unstable he was. Either way the death of Brahe was a crucial step for those who wanted to see the Tychonic model buried. By way can anyone point me to where I can find a time elapsed photo of any of the outer planets in retrograde motion?

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Wow. Will we ever get there or is the dogma too strong? Thanks for the Kepler reference. I’m going to check that out.

You may have already seen his works, but Tunc Tezel has some great photos of other planet retrogrades. You can search his works. Below are a couple links.



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Hi Chris,
Thanks for the links. I suspect the dogma is too strong. Too few people realise that it was dogma that drove the heliocentric model, but like everything in this world it is the narrative that counts. Humans are simply too naive to understand the multi-generational plays at work here.


Lies are loud and truth is a whisper, but truth has stamina. I definitely believe that Simons book will make a difference. In fact I think it already has. The world is controlled by secret societies and their power depends on the illusions they’ve created and maintained. Heliocentrism being by far the most important. And this book is similar to throwing the ring into mount doom in the lord of the rings. And there’s nothing they can do but to prolong the inevitable at this stage.