The TYCHOS in the media

Simon and I just did another show with the Canadian Grimerica show. You can find it here: Why Our Solar System is not Geometrically Possible - The Tychos Model - YouTube


It was a good interview. I had been trying to get Graham to interview you both since talking with him at the awesome contact at the cabin event in Utah last April. It is nice to see the video version. and it is cool to see you manipulate the Tychosium live so i can emulate the settings. I am also very excited to see the new version is coming so far along. Amazing work. i had a list of things i thought would be good in the new version. one was to highlight a star, or planet, whatever, and track it from earth. Looks like you are doing it. all my complaints about the old version will wait because i am sure they will all be taken care of. (and if not i will hit you up.)
It is nice to see the Tychos Model getting out there. Thanks for your hard work on it.


Great podcast! I’ll post some of my reflections on the new Tychosium in the related topic.

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How exciting! I can’t wait to watch yet another interview. I’ll be contacting Jeremy Nell of Jerm Warfare (just a play on his name, not about the plandemic stuff) again in hopes he’ll be contacting you and Simon to get booked on his show. I’ve become a paying member of his little community to hopefully gain more attention with guest suggestions. He calls his podcast “The Battle of Ideas”.
We need to get in the trenches! :smiley:

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