Tolkiens Lord Of The Rings & Astronomy/Astrology

As a child my mother read Bilbo and The Lord Of The rings to me at bed time and they made an impression on me. And the imaginary world a child creates when listening to a book can never be matched by Hollywood.

And when working with the Tychosium, Tolkiens stories came back to me. Here are some questions and notes I find interesting.

Why is the Tolkien world called Middle Earth?

Why is the main theme in the book about rings and one ring that rules them all? In the Tychos model, the planets move in circular orbits at uniform speed, and the piece that makes Tycho Brahes model work in all aspects is the “PVP-ring”

In the story two common people, hobbits, travel to Mount Doom to destroy the ring. Could Mount Doom be a metaphor for making a secret/discovery common knowledge by throwing it into Mount Doom?

It’s a recognized fact that Tolkien was well versed in Astronomy/Astrology and his books contains lots of allegories and esoterism related to the heavens.

But this is most likely not the only esoterism that can be found in Tolkiens works. Here’s a video about other hidden symbolism

When this dawned on me in 2022 I wrote to a researcher that has written a thesis and many articles about the astronomy in Tolkien. She wasn’t all that impressed though. See below.

I know this is short and sketchy but I hope it awakens some interest of the subject. I believe many works of art contains esoterism. Especially many works from the early 20th century. Tolkien were friends with CS Lewis and Lewis Carrol.

From: Patrik Holmqvist
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Subject: Did Tolkien have this in mind?

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Dear Ms Larsen,

I found your name when doing a search on Tolkien and astronomy. The reason being that I am involved in an independent research project that has convinced me that the model we currently have regarding our Solar system is not correct and that the model this researcher suggests, is. In the model all planets move in circular orbits (rings) at constant speeds in a geo-heliocentric configuration. The key to making this work and what is what I now call the most significant astronomical discovery in four hundred years, is the so called PVP-orbit. A slow circular orbit assigned to Earth that sits in the middle in our Solar system.

When realizing that this PVP-orbit/ring brings everything together and makes a model of our Solar system work in every aspect (geometrical, physical, logical) I recalled the Lord Of The Rings. Could this be the ring Tolkien refers to? I had no idea that you and others have seen astronomical references in Tolkiens work and would of course be most intrigued to get your view on it.

This theory is of course very controversial since it puts much of our current belief system into question, but I ask you to read this research with an open mind.
Sincerely /Patrik Holmqvist, Sweden

On Tue, May 24, 2022, 14:13 Larsen, Kristine (Geological Sciences) wrote:
Patrik -

Tolkien had the basic astronomical knowledge of an Oxford-educated and Oxford-teaching person of the early 20th century, augmented by his own reading of the popular level scientific and pseudoscientific literature of the day (for example the writings of J.W. Dunne on the nature of time). He certainly knew about the Copernican Revolution. He was a firm heliocentrist, and in his later writings (1960s) he tried to rewrite his mythology to more closely align with the real-world heliocentric solar system (see his son Christopher’s edited volume Morgoth’s Ring [1993]). He used the concept of the ring metaphorically as a symbol of power (see his Letters, edited by Humphrey Carpenter) as well as drawing on famous rings in literature and mythology (e.g. Norse mythology as reflected in the tale of Sigurd).


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Thank you for your prompt reply. Yes I know we live in a heliocentric era and that it is as ignorant as believing the Earth is flat to question this. But what does the evidence actually say? As an astronomer you must know that the heliocentric model has been questioned. The last big controversy was in the early 20th century after the Michelson-Morely experiment that could not confirm Earths supposed orbit around the Sun at 90x the speed of sound.

Please at least take a look at this research. I know it’s blasphemy, but as it goes - Profound truths starts out as such.



It seems to me that if he was well versed in Swedish history then he might have used the tychos model as part of the books cosmology. Especially since Tychos was Scandinavian. But also I was looking at the island where he lives a couple of days ago, which was Danish, but now according to Google maps is Swedish.

Since the books were written between 1930-1950’s I’m not sure how he or even the powers that were would know about the orbits other than in theory. It seems to me that space probes were sent out to space in the 60’s and beyond to gather that type of information. The only way it might be possible is if there was something unpublished from Tycho’s with observational data and diagrams that supported his theory.

I have been looking for hints in ancient writings that the orbits were known. This is the only thing that comes close

The infinity sign (analemma) represents the Sun. Except that one is coiled and the other double coiled with a loop in the front and a loop in the back (like mars if you were to put both of its loops together. So I wonder if one is the sun and one mars.

Also going back to Tycho’s and his island. The entire island was designed according to his model, the building and the garden. This was because he was also an alchemist. But there is barely a structure left. Just the outline of his garden. It’s so bizarre because even in the papers that discuss his gardens, they went to great lengths to describe it as heliocentric or at least sun worshiping…. Why would it be?

Do You have any facts or observational data that One could validate a variety of your statements?!

Which part are you asking about?

Indeed Starla, Tolkien was not only versed in astronomy but also in Nordic myths and he was most likely familiar with Tycho Brahe and his model.

I live in Sweden and has been to Hven several times. One time with Simon. And Uranienburg, Tychos home and Observatory was completely demolished soon after his death. The official story is that it was the farmer’s on the island that did it because they didn’t like Tycho, but I doubt that.

Neither space probes or telescopes are necessary to figure out how the planets move. All that is needed is patient study and knowledge of geometry. And as Simon demonstrates numerous times in his book and that is also demonstrated by the Tychosium, the Heliocentric model is in fact geometrically impossible.

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Patrik You are so right about not needing space probes and telescopes. I was just watching a documentary about the Mayan calendar and they had neither. They were just patient observers of the skies and they have the most accurate calendar.

Regarding Tolkien, it’s funny, I think I imagined as a child middle earth being in the centre of earth, as in going down underground. But I can see what you’re saying about the Tychos model. Btw, I’m half Norwegian and spent my summers there, so have Norse mythology in my childhood too.

I’m not sure why farmers would care about Tycho so much to destroy his house etc. I was just reading about the fact that he could have been murdered and if that’s the case likely whoever wanted him gone also wanted all traces of him gone.

At first it seems a little boring and irrelevant to read about his gardens, but his astronomy was reflected in everything. If you read any of the writings about his home and garden it says that he had a Pegasus on the top of his house. The brightest star in Pegasus constellation is called Enif, which’s means “the nose”. As you might know, he had a fake nose. :joy:

Later this week I’ll elaborate more on the snakes in my post above and the mythology he associated himself with, as I believe the myth hints to the tychos model.

I don’t have time to do it right now.

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What documentary about the Mayans did you watch and why do you feel it is an accurate documentary? You make a number of statements. Can You follow up with evidence?
I have been speaking with Carl Calleman about his work with the Mayan Calendar of Consciousness. This Calendar is not so easy to observe the Heavens and make a conclusion.

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Is this a depiction of the Sun & Moon flying the Day & Night with Mars pointing its way through the Earth’s orbital Center?

Dear @Wayne_Cowtan, this website breaks down how to count and I find it the clearest. Mayan Calendar Count

The video I watched is good, but it lacks some depth in key parts. For instance they say the calendar takes into account the Venus cycle, moon cycle and the precession but aren’t super clear how. But they do demonstrate some accuracy within the video.

This article mentions that Venus takes 263 days to rise and fall (or set), but that isn’t entirely true. It depends on your latitude. So maybe it was 260 where they were. And it matched human gestation. Or they just followed gestation because their Venus data is super accurate.

So I’m also trying to figure it out the Mayan Calendar!

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I also see alchemical salt, which is the circle with the line in it and there is also a line down through alchemical salt which makes a tau.

Alchemical salt is related to Venus or the feminine. Non-combustion

Tau is transformation.

I’m not sure about the arrows. Maybe they mean separation?

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