Tomorrow the Clocks are Correct

Let us not forget that tomorrow the sun and the clocks will be synchronized for one of the four days a year this happens!

Ch 21 Man’s Yearly Path

Note how the four occasions when our earthly clocks 'agree with the Sun" (i.e. June 16, Dec 24, Aug 29 and Apr 15) neatly ‘coincide’ with the observed analemma…

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That’s right, dear Schoepffer - and my below graphic shows just how these four days are intimately related to - and/or a direct consequence and corollary of:

  • the Analemma, i.e. the yearly 8-shaped path traced by the Sun in our skies
  • ‘a Man’s yearly path’, i.e. the trochoidal loop traced by any earthly observer

If you have a cuckoo clock, you may ideally adjust it today to strike noon when the Sun is dead center at your local meridian / zenith. :wink:

Merry xmas everyone.

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