Tychos and Translations

While I was reading the Tychos some month ago, I decided to translate it - with the help of DeepL - and put it into a “Writer document” and later on did make a pdf.
I always find it more easy to read in my mother-tongue Dutch. And it is easy to share it with other Dutch speaking people.
Today I have seen this forum for the first time so I decided to share this and suggest others to make their translations in their specific languages.
I will try to upload my Dutch translation here in a pdf - if possible - for those who like to have it. I will not say it is perfect, but for me it was good enough.
(I don’t think I can upload a pdf here, isn’t it? it is 18.8 Mb)


This sounds great! :slight_smile: I changed the “max attachment size” setting to 50 MB now. Please try to upload the file. Hopefully it will work.

Dear JackPoet,

I wish to warmly thank you for translating the Tychos book into Dutch - it is immensely appreciated !

I have uploaded your pdf on my own file storage site - from which it can be easily downloaded:

THE TYCHOS book (2nd Edition-2022) - Dutch version:

As you may know, I have now finally completed Chapter 30 (about Halley’s comet) which I believe is a most important chapter of my book. I will therefore be hoping that you may find the time to translate Chapter 30 as well - and integrate it into your splendid pdf !

Warmest regards - and gratitude for your efforts! :slight_smile:


Hello Timo, thanks for the adjustment. I now see it is already there somehow…

Hello Simon,
It was my pleasure to translate it.
I will look into chapter 30 and will be working on that soon.
I didn’t notice yet you completed it, it was some time ago I was working on it.
I also still have to find out how to use indexes in a proper way in “Writer” to create a good working index. I don’t know how long that will take.
But when I finish chapter 30 I will upload the new pdf here.
Friendly regards,
Ko / JackPoet


Hello Simon,

I’ve got two related questions for you:

  1. Have you any plans of doing your own translation, e.g. in your native tongue?
  2. Is there a PDF of the English version?


Dear Puginesque,

At the moment I’m starting to translate the book into Italian - since I’ve already had various invites to do some Tychos conferences here in Italy where I live. Next, I would prioritize a French version (which I could also perhaps do myself - as French was my “1st” language in my teens…). However, I would certainly need help for a Swedish version - since I only ever lived in my homeland for a couple of years as a kid, so my Swedish grammar & spelling is pretty poor! :slight_smile:

There’s no PDF yet of the book - but I hope to do get that done too in the near future.

Let me take this occasion to say that I would of course be delighted to have the Tychos book translated in as many languages as possible - so here’s my appeal for assistance to all forum readers:

If anyone of you have the time, will and skills to translate the Tychos book (2n Edition) into ANY other language - please let me know! :slight_smile:


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I might consider doing the Swedish translation, although I’ll need to consider whether I have the time or not before I commit myself. However, if you’d like to base the PDF version on LATEX, I’d be happy to assist.


Dear Puginesque, if - as I understand it - you are willing to take on the task of making a PDF version of the original (English) book, this would indeed be very much appreciated. I have little or no experience in making elegant PDF’s - and am not familiar with LATEX. Please contact me via personal e-mail at <simonshack(at)libero.it> regarding this matter. :slight_smile:

I would just like to state to all prospective helpers / translators that I haven’t had any regular income to speak of in this last decade - and much less any sort of grants to pursue my Tychos research. Hence, I have no financial means to honor your time and efforts; however, what I can offer (if you fancy visiting Rome) is to host you for a weekend or so in my old but roomy house located on a hill overlooking the “Eternal City”…

Over the years, in fact, I’ve been happily hosting a few dozens of fine people from all over the world whom I’ve ‘met’ over the internets in connection with my longstanding research efforts and assorted investigations. Please know however that this ‘touristic offer’ of mine may not last for much longer - as I might have, in a worst case scenario, to sell my beloved old country house and move into a smaller, more affordable place. This said, I’m hoping against hope that the TYCHOS will ‘take off’ and allow me to at least cover my ever-soaring house bills ( + the general and seemingly unstoppable hikes of the ‘cost of living’)…

Hello everyone that is interested in my Dutch translation.
I have my updated pdf version with chapter 30 about Halley’s comet in it.

Trying to upload it here I got this message:
Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, heic, heif, webp).


Dear Jack,

Great news!! You may just send the pdf to my mail address : simonshack[AT]libero.it
I will then upload it to my file storage server and then post the link to it here.

Once again, thanks so much for your time & efforts translating the TYCHOS book to Dutch! :slight_smile:


I have send it to you, and it was my pleasure to read and translate your work :slightly_smiling_face:




(now including Chapter 30 about Halley’s comet)

Dutch translation by Jack Poet

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I noticed that Simon will take care of publishing the pdf. But nevertheless, I added the permission to upload .pdf files to the forum, in case you or somebody else want to upload a pdf in the future. Nice work doing the translation! :slight_smile: