Tychosium 3D as a clock

While reviewing the Analemma section in Simon’s book, I thought it would be helpful to reference the Sun-Earth positions while viewing the figure(ish) 8 diagram.

Well, as you can see Sep is the beginning on the representations of earth, so I put that date into the Tychosium. I then stepped forward through the months to see what relationship the sun has to the earth in creating the hourglass shaped Analemma. I noticed that Sep and Mar, in the Tychosium, were in the exact locations of nine and three o’clock, however from above (north pole) the clock appears to run counter-clockwise. Then it struck me, suppose I view this same process from below!

After flipping the view to be from above the South Pole, the Tychos literally functions like a clock!

This probably isn’t very surprising to those who live in the southern hemisphere where I assume they judge earth to be rotating clockwise anyway. Are there any forum members who live in the Southern Hemisphere?