Tychosium screen video: Mars orbit and some deferents

I wanted to share a nice simulator setup.


Deferents in view: Venus A, Mercury A, Mars E, Eros A

It ~almost looks like a „3D shaft” was going through the plane with a slight angle

It seems like it should be possible to simplify the system using Sun’s orbit and construct shown deferents from it using “orbitOffset” properties and overlay them with vertical component (Mars E deferent has such motion)

What is a ‘deferent’?

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Intermediary ‘gears’ between barycenter and parts of the system (real orbits of planets).

Real orbit opposed to what?

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You’ve got material orbit models (tied to visible object) and intermediate orbits whether they base on material orbits or abstract harmonic not tied to material (yet known). Part of those material one is tied to a few of this abstract (unknown origin) orbits - they derive motion from them.

From conceptual side you can treat those intermediates as a black matter maybe.

The thing is (imo) that systems made of 2+ bodies has to be made of harmony - else it will dissolve rapidly. When they have harmony - they have some kind of ~inertia of harmony and are able to heal themselves from minor disruptions.

So, the concept of Tycho, Simon and Patrick to look for harmony rather than mass and velocity is brilliant and imo best today and science should take this harmony and try to build/contest upon that.

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/ btw

  • till 1960 1 second was a 1/86400 of a day, now it is a radiation
  • till 1960 1 meter was a part of Earth’s meridian, now it’s radiation
  • till May 2019 1 kilogram was platinum cylinder - now it is an energy

so what is real? :wink: relatively/perspectively observed harmony is real as hell :slight_smile: /