Venus Pentagram

Welcome Flabbergasted! Great job on the book. I find myself closing it sometimes because of the many “Mind blown!” sessions I’ve experienced while reading. “Flabbergasted” is an apt description. I have to center myself and take a deep breath upon opening it again. For a book of science it’s quite emotional, for me anyway. I credit the writing as much as the subject matter. I’m no scientist by any stretch, but the words are eloquently descriptive, the math is approachable, and the sense of peace your work leaves in its calm wake I hope will be felt by all who read it. I feel a deeper connection to the stars and planets now somehow. Maybe because they are indeed much closer than we’ve been told? Perhaps, but there is more to it than that. Possibly that we are given the view of a kaleidoscope of energetic clockwork that embraces our own.

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Inspired by the many connections and resonances encountered in the TYCHOS, and using simple methods, I drew a heptagram. Also we are planting seven gardens utilizing one so I’m deep-diving all things seven at present. The sacred geometry regarding the heptogram is fairly significant in that it speaks of the seven planets, the days of the week, and the inner and outer directions, and the repeating path of Mars’ orbit to name but a few key points of study.
As close as I was able get to accurate without being a draftsman;

I was not stunned to see the outer circle circumference is a number, within an acceptable margin of error I should think, very similar to yours in relation to the inner star-point circle. I’d like to do more and better ones to get even closer to 2.642, on a drafting app or whatever, but this is all coincidence, right? Anyway, who has time?
Move along, folks. Nothing to see here…

Except something truly amazing! :exploding_head:
Only the language of the spheres, explaining their mysteries using the TYCHOS translation.


Could you get a little deeper??

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The Biblical day of rest. Completion.
Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon. Listing them in order of orbital time, then placing them on a circle and connecting them in their weekly order gives the star its points.
North, South, East, West, Above, Below, Within.
The Alchemical metals; lead, tin, iron, gold, copper, mercury, silver.
Two circular paths reflecting the orbits of our star and our earth.
That’s a start. I’m just a simple caveman. For me this is deep.

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These resonances throughout the week and also during the day can really make a difference concerning timings for certain tasks, i.e. making an important phone call. Tuesday during the hour of Mars might not be the best time. :joy:

But for anyone who’s interested there is a cool app called Planetary Times that can ding whenever the planetary hour changes from one planet to the next. Maybe overkill to most people but it can be an interesting experience nonetheless.


I wonder if Tycho Brahe did this in his garden?

Planetary times can/should be used for harvesting for medicine.

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Thanks for the kind words. My concern was to make the text and bullet lists easy to assimilate, “impossible” to misunderstand, more resistant to superficial criticism, moderately “book-sober” but not boring to read, while preserving Simon’s personal style and enthusiasm. With the exquisite quality of the raw material, it was really child’s play :wink:

I am still catching up with the topics on this forum (taking my own CF advice and reading the forum threads before posting), but I am looking forward to joining the fray!


Thanks for the warm welcome and for sharing your experience reading the book. It´s a little like music: one can only guess how it will sound in the ears of others.