We are encouraged to reason wrongly about physics

With Einstein and Quantum mechanics physics was moved into the land of mysticism and religion.

And the main reason, as Simon exposes in his book was to keep astronomy as mysticism. Since the movement of Mercury (among other observations) and the MM-experiment disprove Heliocentrism the path chosen was to change the laws of physics and geometry so that it could be argued that the observations and experiments that disprove Heliocentrism, in fact do not.

In the early 20th century aether was simply removed from the periodic table even though the increased understanding of aether physics was the reason the scientists at the time could figure out how to use electricity in a practical way. And that remains the last major achievement in physics.

And “unexplainable” things like magnetism and gravity can be studied and experimented on in a different and probably more fruitful way using the experimentally confirmed aether theory instead of QM. And I suspect that is also the very reason it has been removed. Scientific breakthroughs can lead to new ways of creating energy etc that could threaten the current system.

When it comes to gravity we are supposed to reason that the cause of it is that big objects curve an imaginary dimension. A dimension that we have no scientific confirmation of or probable cause to assume it exists.

But if we instead bring back the abolished aether there’s another way to think about gravity. What if there’s a process inside Earth that condenses aether into heavier matter (helium, hydrogen, oxygen and so on)? Then that could explain gravity since this would cause a low pressure area of the aether within Earth’s core and the equilibrium effect would then cause aether to rush to the center of Earth. So gravity could simply be the effect of a constant aether wind towards the center of Earth.

And with this hypothesis, antigravity would not be mysterious and we can already create it to some extent with magnetism. Find a way to disrupt this aether wind and we’d be able to move stone blocks weighing hundreds of tonnes, just like the old Egyptians. :slight_smile:


Dear Patrik, forgive my ignorance, but has not the aether wind being undetectable so far?
Here I quote Wikipedia: " More recently, in 2009, optical resonator experiments confirmed the absence of any aether wind at the 10−17 level."

PS.: I didn’t know about those winds until now and I find it very interesting as also is your idea.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

What I’ve realized is that the electro scientists of the past century Steinmetz, Heaviside et al. all understood and successfuly used aether theory when they developed the science for the electrical systems we still use today. And that light/electromagnetism is a wave that propagates through aether is indeed what can be scientifically confirmed. The Quantum mystics modified the Double slit experiment and claimed that because of the results of their modified experiment it could be reasoned that light is made up of magical particles that can be at two places at once and behave as a particle when measured and as a wave when not. This is of course not science but mysticism and they didn’t take into account or made any controls to rule out that the interference of their measuring equipment could affect the results. https://medium.com/the-electromagnetic-universe/the-double-slit-experiment-explained-from-a-non-quantum-mechanics-view-point-ab648f029f9d

And the implications of this on the field of physics is of course enormous. Einsteinian relativity and Quantum physics is the accepted paradigm today despite the fact that it completely lacks scientific confirmation. Which is in stark contrast to aether theory that does have experimental confirmation as opposed to popular belief, including the beliefs of almost every physicist.

As for your question - has aether wind been detected - I have no idea and that depends on what is the criteria for detection.

As aether theory correctly concludes, there is a substance that propagates light/electromagnetism even when all known molecules are removed from an area (a vacuum) since we can still shine a light through a vacuum and the light from the celestial bodies is visible to us. Now since we cannot measure this elusive medium it’s hard to confirm any aether wind. But I find the hypothesis that gravity could be a result of one or several aether substances rushing into Earthìs core, more reasonable in light of what has been confirmed, than that it should be an effect of a curved imaginary dimension as Einsteinian relativity stipulates. This could also explain inertia. The aether is creating resistance, just as air does to a car/plane and water does to a boat.

And the main takeaway from my rant is that we’ve been led into thinking about imaginary dimensions and geometries even though only three dimensions can be confirmed to exist. And I think it would be more fruitful if we think about different mediums instead in order to understand nature and its physics. Fish aren’t aware of water is telling, and it’s even harder for a “fish scientist” to understand the physics in another medium such as air. And we are currently “air scientists”, clueless about the physics in the aether medium.


Dear Patrick,
everything you wrote in this post TOTALLY resonates with my humble and limited knowledge on the topic.

I have studied the research of few big thinkers of the 20th century in the field, Todeschini, Tesla, Leedskalnin, Schauberger, and currently I am fan of Fractal Woman, who is alive and who is doing a great job demonstrating the existance of aether. A couple of videos of her are very compelling:

My current working hypotesis is very similar to yours, aether is there, its movement and carachteristics are at the core of electro-magnetism, and electromagnetism is at the core of every known force, from gravitation to nuclear force. It is all somehow connected to the fluidodinamics of aether, magnetic currents, and the mechanics of the universe from micro to macro. I can’t go farther than this so far, I am not sure wether there is aetheric consumption, or wind, or what…

I also have a parallel hypotesis, also very similar to yours, regarding how are we mislead into science fiction: I believe immediate consequences of this aetheric universe and the electro-magnetic force being the only force at play, would open the road to free energy production and distribution. No need for consumable sources of energy, nor costly means of transportation. I believe few people on Earth know about this and spent a lot of efforts into misguiding collective research in the wrong direction. I also believe (maybe I am wrong) they already own anti-gravitational technology, and free energy production.

I think on one hand our true world leaders (of centuries’ lineage) of course want to keep the control and profit from every consumable source. On the other hand, I think they may believe humanity wouldn’t be ready to live in a world free of labour, which in part I may agree on. How would it be like? How would people invest their exceeding free time and energy? More ugly habits? I believe we will harness energy freedom at the same exact time we will also have conquered spiritual freedom towards Beauty and Justice. Apologies for the mystical note…

Back to the topic, there is a guy in Greece who is doing a great practical job into harnessing free energy, and understanding the empirical roots of magnetism. Here is his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@eleman-gc/featured

I haven’t had the time to dive a lot into it, but I will do it soon. Among many other videos of him, it’s compelling (not conclusive) for me to see this video on how he generates a circular orbit by spinning a magnet into water:

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Patrik, great post. I’ll add this from Wal Thornhill,

The huge puzzle for astrophysicists is why a galaxy should exhibit an atomic phenomenon . So we turn to particle physics. This difficulty highlights the fact that quantum “mechanics” applied to atoms is a theory without physical reality. The weirdness of quantum theory has been attributed to the subatomic scale to which it applies. But now that we have quantum effects in something the size of a galaxy, this convenient nonsense is exposed. If Arp is right many experts are going to look very silly. His discovery sounded the alarm in some halls of Academe and since nobody likes a loud noise – particularly if they are asleep – the knee-jerk response was to attack the guy with his finger on the alarm button. Arp’s telescope time was denied, papers rejected, and he was forced to leave the US to pursue his work.


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Thank you for the feedback @schoepffer and @Fred

What I’ve learned regarding these matters though is that we should only build ideas and hypotheses upon knowledge supported by evidence and sound reasoning. And one of the greatest challenges for us is to properly unlearn much of what we think is knowledge, but actually isn’t.

Those who “trust the Science” like call what challenges accepted science for pseudoscience. And some of it also is.

And one very important thing to keep in mind is that the fact that we can show that some theory isn’t correct, does not confirm some other theory.

I’m preaching here and diverting from the main subject, reason being that I want the bright minds like you two that as I, dwell on these questions, to be careful about what you “take in” from dissident of physics that talk about it on YouTube etc. Just because they point out that the mainstream theories are wrong, don’t mean that the one’s they promote are true. And they may be promoting false theories intentionally.

Agreed. And as you said in your original post going back to Steinmetz and Heaviside who made the application of electricity possible in large part, especially Steinmetz, I think it is important to qualify theories in terms of their application in the physical world.

Plasma physics has been part of the world we live in for probably a century or more. The use of florescent lights and “neon lights” use the principle of exciting gas with high voltage to cause it to emit light. This well known technology is all around us.

Anyone who has ever been a welder will at once understand arc mode versus glow mode, welding is arc mode discharge, neon lights are glow mode. The theory goes, and I think it is accurate, that our sun is in arc discharge mode while a red or brown dwarf star has a lower current density and is in glow mode. Mar’s is perhaps a good candidate for being a red dwarf star once.

Basically, and I think this is what you speak to in your original post, can it be re-created in a lab? Plasma physics beginning in the early nineteen-hundreds with Birkland, a native of Norway, who was drawn to his theory due to his proximity to the aurora, feeling it must be electrical in nature. With the most primitive of equipment he duplicated auroras, Saturn’s rings, sunspots and other observed phenomena. His concepts have now been fairly well taken to their ultimate expression with Safire, which I think proves the electric sun concept beyond a reasonable doubt.

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One way to think about this is around the saying “fish aren’t aware of water”. A group of “fish scientists” would be amazed if they saw a fire since that is something they cannot accomplish in the medium they live in.

Physics is different in a limitless vacuum or high pressure and in temperatures near absolute zero or at thousands of degrees.

And I think “no aether” particle physics is like the fish scientists declaring that a box void of water contains nothing and that the fact that sound can still propagate in it is because sound is made up of particles that can propagate through this nothing.

A star could be seen as an “aether fire” that cannot be sustained in atmospheric conditions just like a ordinary fire cannot be sustained in water but needs oxygen in it’s gas state.

Another thing we are led astray about in the zero point energy community besides them often referring to NASA and satellites even though basic physics doesn’t allow for rockets creating thrust in space, is that we need to understand physics better to be able to solve the “energy crisis”. We can produce “free energy” with known technology. Hydro- and geothermal energy plants. Geothermal energy is especially interesting since all you need is to drill a deep hole and send a liquid into it that boils and drives a turbine. And that is probably what some or all of the nuclear plants are.

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