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This forum is dedicated to discussions of the TYCHOS, a new geo-heliocentric model of our Solar System researched and developed by Simon Shack. The Tychosium 3D simulator is developed by Patrik Holmqvist.

The TYCHOS submits that the Sun and Mars (whose orbits, in the semi-Tychonic model, intersect) are in fact a binary system, much like the vast majority of our surrounding star systems. It is noted for pertinent comparison that the Sirius binary system is composed of two bodies (Sirius A and Sirius B) whose observed, highly unequal diameters are, proportionally-speaking, virtually identical to those of the Sun and Mars. In the TYCHOS, Earth is located at (or near) the barycenter of our Sun-Mars binary duo; it rotates around its axis once daily and revolves at about 1 mph around its circular Polaris-Vega-Polaris (PVP) orbit once every 25344 solar years. Polaris and Vega are the two most notable Northern stars under which Earth transits in the course of its 25344-year journey, commonly-known as the “precession of the equinoxes”.

The TYCHOS book is here.

The TYCHOSIUM 3D simulator is a joint effort by yours truly and Patrik Holmqvist, a Swedish IT programmer I had the good fortune to meet in the summer of 2017. At the time of writing (August 2022), the Tychosium is still being developed and refined - yet we are both satisfied of its potential to become the most realistic and accurate digital simulator of our Solar System ever devised. In any event, the TYCHOSIUM simulator is already intrinsically superior to any conventional / Copernican simulator of our Solar System; this, because - unlike the latter - it correctly simulates (without any aberrations of the natural laws of visual persepective) our planets’ observed alignments vis-à-vis the stars.

The TYCHOSIUM 3D simulator is here.

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Simon and Patrik will be happy to reply to any questions you might have regarding any aspect of the model - but we do expect and recommend that all registered forum members first spend a little time reading the freely accessible TYCHOS book (linked above). And yes, we do believe that the TYCHOS is the correct configuration of our Solar System - and that the Copernican / heliocentric model (that we were all taught in school) needs to be definitively abandoned.

Welcome to the forum. The TYCHOS model is here to stay - and won’t go away.
Let the “Tychosian revolution” begin - and may reason prevail !


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