What makes Earth special

What makes Earth special?

Well, ask yourself THIS simple question: Why is the Earth’s moon so LARGE ?

Have you ever thought about it? Our Moon is only 3.67X smaller than the Earth!

Diameter of the Earth: 12756km
Diameter of our Moon : 3476km

That’s more than 1/4 of our planet’s size! Do we know of ANY mooon (circling any planet) as big as that? No! Yet, Copernicans believe that the Earth-Moon system circles around the Sun at Mach 90 (i.e. 90X the speed of sound). How this would ‘work’ (gravitationally speaking) is anyone’s guess.

For instance - and in stark contrast - the moons of Mars (Phobos and Deimos) are MUCH smaller than Mars:

Diameter of Mars: 6792.4km
Diameter of Phobos: 22.2km
Diameter of Deimos: 12.6km

Ergo, Phobos is 306X smaller than Mars - and Deimos is 539X smaller than Mars.

Chew on it, folks, chew on it… :slight_smile:

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I just came upon this Tychos model today and am blown away.

Earth is special because it was created out of the WuChi through the TaiChi. Man is the middle kingdom between Earth and Heaven.

According to Taoist beliefs, the energy of our system comes from the pole star, filtered down through the big dipper and then into our system, with of course our local sun being the dispenser of the energy from there.

In Taoism, the WuChi comes from nothingness and creates the first realm of existence that includes the Yin and Yang energies. These combine to create the third realm of existence and is called TaiChi (the infamous Yin/Yang symbol everyone knows, the duality of existence). The TaiChi creates the fourth realm of existence as the elements and the elements all interact to create the fifth realm of existence of everything you see in this world.

As the “goldilock” planet that must have the existing conditions to support man to be incarnated here. Thus Earth is the center of our system. Mankind is therefore the center of creation and is the ruler of the middle kingdom.

Scientism was thus created to drive us from being of importance and the center of it all to just a blue dot floating in space.

Thus, Earth is special.


Hello 8750Taoist - and welcome to the forum.

Although I’m not much of an esoteric type (and have very little knowledge about Taoism), I would certainly agree that ‘scientism’ seeks to diminish the importance of our wonderful planet - much like self-hating individuals will see themselves as they look into the mirror. :smiley:

We should be rightfully happy about our central and tranquil place in the solar system - which is probably why life has been allowed to blossom here. We now need to ask ourselves why 70% of this planet is covered in water. As far as I know, NO one has ever explained this ‘little detail’!