Wiki: As late as 1650, P. Schirleus built a geocentric planetarium with the Sun as a planet, and with Mercury and Venus revolving around the Sun as its moons.[9]

[Orrery - Wikipedia]

There is also a link to g**gle books: The Edinburgh encyclopaedia, conducted by D. Brewster - Edinburgh encyclopaedia - Google Książki

But no sketch/photo/interest.

Any ideas what happened?

BTW: I asked paid chat-gpt4 about moons etc, and it thrown surely that there are moons with their own moons a “moonlets”.

When I asked for example and source of info it backed off, oh, misunderstanding etc, when I pushed for sources of this fault info it repeatedly rejected to give where that info came from.

It isn’t first time I encounter such thing - repeating theme around i.e. physics.

Quora seems also been taken out by bots.

At lest for me it’s quite obvious that AI in current form is made to solidify mainstream, nothing more.